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Heavyweight Rules

Rules & Times for Confined to Perthshire Heavyweight Leagues 2010
1.                  A local will be defined as someone born in Perthshire or someone living in Perthshire or living within 5 miles of a PHGA Member Games, for six months or more at the time of each Games. If a Games ceases to be a Member of the PHGA then any current athlete competing in the Leagues, and using that Games as local qualifications criteria, may continue to compete as a local in the Leagues.  


2.            Registration and right to com pete in the League will be at the discretion of Perthshire Highland Games Association.


3.            In the interests of safety, the Judge has the right to disqualify any competitor who does not come up to the standard in any of the Heavyweight events.


4.            All competitors must com pete in traditional Highland dress (kilt) and on top must also wear the sponsor’s vest which will be issued prior to or at the first event. Failure to do so may result in no points awarded for each event the kilt and vest is not worn.


5.            In each event :

7 points will be awarded to the top placed competitor

6 points for second place

5 points to third place

4 points for fourth place

3 points for fifth place

2 points for sixth place

1 point to all unplaced competitors


6.            All swinging of the hammer (warm up included) must take place within the safety nets where provided by the Member Games


7.                  After completion of all events, all competitors will remain available for up to 15 minutes after the completion of all events in Highland Dress for the prize giving and photographs with the sponsor’s representative.


8.                  A return of all results at each venue to be submitted to John Robertson immediately after the Games.  Results will be posted on the PHGA web site when made available.


9.                  Competitors will be required to participate in at least six Member Games in order to qualify for league points.


10.              In the League, six awards will be presented to the six competitors with most points. This presentation will be made at Pitlochry Highland Games, the final PHGA Games of the season


11.              In the Junior League for athletes aged 15 years and under 21 years (age as at first event of the season), three awards will be presented to the three competitors with most points. A perpetual trophy will be presented to the winner. This presentation will also be made at Pitlochry. Athletes under the age of 15 may be included if considered com petent.


All competitors are encouraged to arrange their own public liability Insurance cover. 

Please note that this is not provided by Perthshire Highland Games Association.



NB             In the event of two or more athletes achieving the same result in an event, then the athletes concerned will receive the same number of points. Eg Two athletes equal 3rd place – both receive 5 points – next placed athlete is 5th and receives 3 points. If three athletes are equal 3rd – all three receive 5 points and next placed athlete is 6th and receives 2 points.


League points have been counted in this manner since 2005 and at the PHGA meeting on 24/04/2008, the athletes present were happy to continue with the present system.















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